(Work in progess)

This ongoing series of self portraits explore my experiences of fatherhood, masculinity and the domestic, and the blurring of traditional gender roles. 

During the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 I found myself working from home far more and interacting with my three young children in a manner far more aligned to the assumed female gender role in the domestic space. With the need for both parents to work to meet the spiralling costs of living in a time of social unease and austerity my role would constantly flip from tradtional breadwinner to care provider.

It is my intention to explore my role as a Father, and how this impacts on my own, as well as my children’s lives. These portraits were often set up and performed during moments of high stress and pressure. From dealing with Covid, to the relentless cycle of domestic chores, or the just the simple balance of emotional well-being, my own as well as my children.

Through the performance of this ongoing project I envision the documentation of my ever-changing and evolving relationship with my masculinity.